Veracity has created one of the premiere training curriculums based on years of experience established from ASNT and NAS standards

Veracity training team of four ASNT Level III professionals and four DOD certifed instructors have over 20 years of Instructional System Development (ISD) and course development.  Veracity's training team stands ready to provide world class NDT training either at your location or training offices in Pensacola Florida.  

Training Capabilities

Training for Engineers

Veracity was asked to provide an introductory training class for the US Army's Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC).  The training was attended by over forty QA Specialists and Engineers.  According to the Product Quality Management Branch Chief, "The training was informative, relevant and critical to improving the quality of our engineers' abilities to improve the government's NDT requirements in specifications and drawings; as well as improve Quality Assurance needs to audit NDT effectively on our suppliers.  This training was instrumental in assuring product integrity met warfighter needs"

Training Capabilities

Level I/II Training

Veracity offers complete ASNT and NAS 410 training for all the major NDT methods.  Veracity's team is able to analyze your training needs and meet the demands specific to your industry.  Because of the experience and capabilities that Veracity has their disposal, there is no reason to go to the "Big Box" training companies that only teach to the masses when Veracity can meet your specific needs.


Scott Kennedy VP, Business Developemnt


Our technicians have an average of 30 years’ NDE and quality experience in the military, aviation and power generation industries and served honorably in the US military. Veracity has hired the right personnel to take the company to the next level. Veracity's management team were at the pinnacle of their careers prior to joining the Veracity team and bring those leadership qualities to the team. Veracity has four ASNT Level III personnel as well as personnel certifed as as a "Certified Quality Auditor" and a "Certified Manager of Quality."


Veracity has proven Instructors that have taught thousands of hours of instruction to DOD Personnel as well as international Students from foreign militaries


We respect the customer’s right to understand the work being completed on their components and we encourage them to witness any Veracity inspection being accomplished. Our focus is NOT to create needless inspections but to provide our customers an inspection plan that works to mitigate risk and meet their operational needs.

Clients Trained