January 26, 2015

Veracity: Your Risk Mitigation Solution for GE TIL 1884 Clashing and 1854 Tip Loss Inspections

Veracity Technology Solutions will save you time and money with its proven and tested advanced impedance plane analysis eddy current inspection on 7EA compressor blades/stators. Clashing is due to the leading edge tips of the stators coming into contact with the trailing edge platform of the rotating blades. Additionally, the Row 2 and 3 tip losses can occur from corrosion or heavy tip rubbing, which once identified via borescope inspections, can be further analyzed during planned outages.

Detecting more than just cracks
Veracity has worked with numerous utilities during outages to perform advanced eddy current inspections of all rotating and stationary compressor airfoils. We can detect not only cracking but also material property changes such as permeability changes from rubbing, manufacturing imperfections, and corrosion pitting which has contributed tip losses in numerous 7EA units.  Any one of these discontinuities can lead to stress risers that, if left undetected, could result in catastrophic failure.

Experienced, Qualified Technicians
When you choose Veracity to perform your 1854/1884 inspections, an inspector with an average of 20+ years NDE experience will come to your site.  All Veracity technicians are certified to ASNT-TC-1A Level II in all methods, so there is no need to bring in additional technicians once a clashing problem or blade discontinuity is detected during a borescope inspection.  By not having to remobilize, you can reduce your overall inspection cost and maintenance downtime.
Veracity hires qualified, experienced technicians you can trust. All of our inspectors have come from the US Military and were at the pinnacles of their careers prior to entering the Power Generation industry. 

Transparent - You see what we see. 
All of Veracity’s inspections are open to the end user. There are no “proprietary inspections” where the user cannot see how it is accomplished.  We respect your need to understand the work being done on your components and we encourage you to witness any inspection we perform. 
Furthermore, if an inspection is not feasible – we will tell you.  Veracity gathers data to help inform the end user.  We will not sell you services or inspections you do not need nor make recommendations that are not based on sound engineering data.
Call us today and discover the Veracity Difference.