February 10, 2015

Veracity Technology Solutions Develops a Field-Tested Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection to Address Cracking on Compressor Disks

Veracity Technology Solutions, an AGC Aerospace & Defense company providing  customized nondestructive inspection solutions for aerospace systems and power generation equipment, has developed an inspection to detect cracking on compressor disks. Veracity’s Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection was specifically used to detect compressor disk cracks in the aft dovetail slots on the GE 7F Gas Turbine fleet.

“Through our partnerships with major utility companies, we have been able to test and deploy a system that can accurately detect and estimate the size of the cracking,” said Kevin McKinley, President of Veracity. “This problem was originally thought to only apply to the Row 17 Disks. However, through further research, we have discovered that the issue appears to affect numerous upstream rows. Veracity’s proprietary inspection is able to quantify the approximate size and location of the discontinuity, providing the operator the information needed to understand the operational risks.” 

The inspection can be performed in one shift during an outage that would allow access to the compressor section with the blades installed. “We feel it is important to notify affected users so the maintenance planners have ample time to plan this inspection activity during their next scheduled downtime,” added McKinley. “We will be reaching out immediately to our current customers to schedule this inspection.”   

Veracity will be presenting at the 7F Users Group Conference in Denver on May 11-15, 2015, to address questions regarding this inspection activity.