June 23, 2016

Increase Detection and Mitigate Risk with Veracity's Ultrasonic Phased Array/Eddy Current Inspection Protocol for GE 7FA Stage 3 Buckets

As recent failures of GE 7FA Stage 3 buckets have made the news in industry forums, Veracity wants users to be aware of its efforts in the development of a proprietary advanced inspection protocol to address this emerging issue. 

Veracity's inspection protocol combines phased array ultrasonic (PAUT) and eddy current (ET) inspection methods. This dual approach allows Veracity to locate and quantify surface defects caused by internal defects AND detect internal cast defects before crack propagation. Veracity is able to achieve this advanced detection thanks to its VTS2400 medical grade imaging system that boasts a 128 element, 0.007" pitch array that gives the inspector a high fidelity look inside the grain structure of the component. 

“While eddy current inspection will detect near surface indications, surface considerations such as impacts and surface condition on the suction side of the blade must be taken into account. Veracity’s medical grade imaging system is capable of detecting internal stress risers such as casting defects before they propagate to the surface. This proactive dual method approach enables the user to make informed decisions regarding further operation," said Kevin McKinley, President of Veracity.

REQUEST A QUOTE OR CALL US AT: 850-520-0052 for more information on how this groundbreaking inspection protocol can enhance your detectability and minimize your risk. This inspection can be performed in tandem with annual borescope inspections since all Veracity technicians are at least ASNT Level II or III certified in all methods.