March 20, 2015

Additional Cracking Detected on the GE 7EA Fleet

Veracity Technology Solutions has tested and deployed a proprietary technique to detect and quantify the size and depth of cracking on the S-1 airfoils for the GE 7EA fleet. The cracking, originally thought to be caused by clashing, has also been found on stators with no previous signs of contact with rotating components. 

Veracity, in partnership with a major utility company undergoing a forced outage attributed to this issue, has developed, validated and deployed an inspection to detect compressor stator cracking. To date, Veracity has detected two units with cracked stators that were previously undetected.  The ability to detect these cracks prevented catastrophic liberation of the stators saving the customer millions in lost revenue.  

Veracity's technology gives a greater understanding of operational risks since it can accurately detect the size and depth of cracking.  This proprietary inspection offers a superior analysis over the penetrant inspection which does not have the ability to determine depth or accurately detect smaller flaws.    

Veracity's inspection can be performed in one shift during an outage that would allow access to the compressor section with the blades installed.

Users can call 850-520-0052 to schedule this critical inspection which can be performed during the next scheduled maintenance activity.